Odd Boat Studio

Odd Boat Studio is the multimedia studio of Drew Tanner, based in West Virginia’s Mid Ohio Valley. With an extensive background in community media and marketing, Odd Boat Studio specializes in serving small businesses, non-profits and rural community media organizations. Services include web design and hosting, photography, writing, print design, marketing, social media strategy, and radio production.

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What’s in a name?

Odd-Boat-400Odd Boat? What’s that all about?

Good question. My work has taken on two distinctly divergent forms. My work in photography increasingly finds me moving backwards in time, using techniques that date back to the stormy adolescence of photography in the 1850s. Some of that work can be seen at my companion website, Drew Tanner Photography. Then there is my work in media and design, which originated with my position as a reporter/photographer/web guy/tech guy at The Pocahontas Times and grew into the variety of media projects featured on this site.

My initial thought was to name this Chimera Studio, after the monstrous, fire-breathing creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of three animals—a lion, a snake and a goat. (It often feels like an apt metaphor for these varied projects.) But then I could just hear myself every time I was asked for my website: “Chimera. That’s C-H-I-M…” The other image that came to mind was that of a strange ship–say a dragon-headed Viking longship, like the Oseberg Ship–but with the flying capabilities of a dirigible. Something with forward momentum. The chimera of transportation.

The Odd Boat.

Equal parts ingenuity, improvisation and stick-to-itiveness. Traits common among the nonprofits, small businesses and media organizations I’m proud to call my clients and partners in multimedia adventures.